Tucker Reveals Why It’s The ‘End Of The Clinton Era, Finally And Completely’, Are You Relieved?


For decades, smooth-talking Democratic darling Bill Clinton got a pass for all the sexual assaults he committed unchecked. Even so-called feminists like Ms. magazine founder Gloria Steinem defended him, and his own wife who claims to support women helped cover up his sexual misconduct and defame his victims.

However, now that powerful figures from all political persuasions are being felled for their sex crimes, Bill and Hillary Clinton cannot hide any more. After more than twenty-five years of helping Bill Clinton hide his crimes, the liberal-biased national media has finally been forced to take Bill’s accusers seriously.

This is music to the ears of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. On an introduction to a recent broadcast, Carlson officially declared why the Clinton era in the Democratic party and America as a whole is now over.

Tucker asserted that Bill and Hillary have been in charge of the Democratic party for “a quarter century” and explained that they have “held control because they and their acolytes have ruthlessly stamped out numerous charges of sexual harassment and assault brought against Bill Clinton.”

He went on, “Suddenly out of nowhere, that’s no longer working for them. The society-wide backlash … has finally turned and bit the Clintons themselves.” Describing how prominent Democrats have finally started to speak out against the Clintons, “Where is this coming from? What does it mean, other than the end of the Clinton era, finally and completely.” Do you agree with Tucker that the Clinton era is now officially finished? Watch below:

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