SHOCK REPORT: New Book Blows The Lid Off Of Obama’s Insidious Plan To Destroy Trump And Everyone Has Got To See It Right Now

An explosive new book by Edward Klein is making stunning accusations of former president Barack Obama, claiming that Obama and one of his top aides had formed a plot around Christmas to “destroy” the then president-elect.
The Washington Times reports on an excerpt of the book, entitled All Out War, which claims that former national security adviser Susan Rice hatched plans to  “unmask, or disclose, the names of several Trump campaign associates who were mentioned or whose conversations were captured in intelligence intercepts of Russian officials.”
According to Klein, Obama was in on it the whole time:

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“He knew Rice wanted to encourage leaks to the Washington Post and the New York Times accusing Trump and his campaign of colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the American presidential election.”
“If Rice’s plot succeeded — that is, if it could be proved that Trump had colluded with Putin during the campaign or, later, if it could be proved that he had tried to prevent an investigation into such collusion — Trump would likely face charges of impeachment.”

Klein added that during the dinner that Rice explained her idea, Michelle Obama had expressed her own reservations, saying that the plot could “bite us in the ass.”
This plan might have been at work in January, when, according to the New York Times, Barack Obama expanded the National Security Agency’s ability to share globally intercepted personal communications with 16 other intelligence agencies before privacy protections were applied- significantly increasing the likelihood of leaks.

Edward Klein is a former editor of the New York Times who has written critically of Obama and Hillary Clinton in the past.
This book sounds like a fantastic read, and if the claims turn out being true, Michelle Obama might just be right about things coming back to “bite them in the ass.”

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