Right After Church Shooter Opened Fire, This Texan Did The UNTHINKABLE To Wipe Him Off Earth

Johnnie Langendorf was driving by the scene at the Sutherland Springs Church shooting when he saw the shooter Devin Patrick Kelly shooting at another man.
Kelly then fled the scene after the man chased after the killer in the truck.

Watch his insane tale of shootout and chase. You got to love Texans – even at the worst of times they rise to the occasion.
According to KSAT, Summer Caddel said that her boyfriend, Langendorff, called her right after the shooting at First Baptist Church and told her that he saw a gunfight happen in front him.

Right After Church Shooter Opened Fire, This Texan Did The UNTHINKABLE To Wipe Him Off Earth

A neighbor described Langendorff as the “nicest man on the planet” and said he grabbed his rifle and went after the suspect with his gun.
This good man with a gun probably stopped the bad guy with a gun, according to Kens5.
Langendorff told Caddell that the Devin Kelly got into an SUV and Langendorff got into his car and gave chase. Here is the result of that chase.

There are at least 26 people dead because of this asshole. The death toll is likely to increase and there is over 30 people wounded.
Wilson County Commissioner Albert Gamez Jr said: “My heart is broken,’ Gamez said. ‘We never think where it can happen, and it does happen.
It doesn’t matter where you’re at. In a small community, real quiet and everything, and look at this, what can happen.”

Let’s pray for Texas. They are #TEXASStrong and let’s send our healing energy to them. Share this if you are so glad that this man jumped into his car and tried to save more people.

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