NFL NFL STAR Says : I Swear To God If I See Donald Trump Face To Face I Will Kill That Son Of A *****


“I just met a lot of these folks and they’re better looking than Tom Cruise,” Trump said to a chorus of laughter. “And we know they can fight better and we know they can fly better — they better be able to. Great people.”

 After this  Tom Cruise sadi : “I Swear That American Flag Is My Toilet Paper, I Hate Everything About This Country”. Would You Support Deport Of Him ?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday downplayed his extremely lewd 2005 comments about women as nothing more than “locker room talk.” While many professional athletes have publicly disagreed with Trump, at least one member of the Broncos didn’t have a problem with it.

“Trump may fit in if he came in here, who knows?” Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib said in a locker room video posted by 9NEWS.Talib, who this offseason suffered what police concluded was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his leg, told the Denver TV station that the Broncos “talk about everything” in the locker room.

Broncos linebacker Dekoda Watson on Tuesday also responded to Trump’s “locker room talk” defense.“You’re a professional and you can’t use that as an excuse especially for you to be a candidate,” Watson said. “To be a president, you gotta be on your best behavior because the light is constantly on you when you think so or not.


“You have to speak professionally I don’t care if you’re in the locker room or on the bus, someone is always looking, someone is always listening to what you’re saying.”

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