Chuck Grassley confirmed Hillary’s worst nightmare and she’s not happy about it – this is the thing that might finally sink her.
Everyone knew before FBI’s yesterday’s bombshell that the back room dealings about the nuke deal, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary as Secretary of State, and Vladimir Putin were shady.
According to The Hill, the Senate Judiciary Committee just launched a new probe that might take Hillary down for good.

Chuck announced that he is opening a new investigation into a Russian nuclear bribery case and the corrupt Clintons. He is demanding to know the truth about what happened after Obama put our national security at risk and that he is no longer accepting Obama’s claim that there was no national security reason to block the nuke sale – the scam could unravel real quick:

“I am still not convinced. The sale of Uranium One resulted in a Russian government takeover of a significant portion of U.S. uranium mining capacity and some quite serious questions remain about the finding that this transaction did not threaten to impair U.S. national security.”

Democrats did not care who or might they hurt – all they saw were green dollar signs.
“Employees of Rosatom were involved in a conspiracy with an aim to commit extortion and money laundering during the time of the CFIUS transaction. Rosatom subsidiaries in our country were under investigation as a result of a U.S. intelligence operation, apparently around the time CFIUS approved the Uranium One/Rosatom transaction. This raises questions about whether that information factored into CFIUS’ decision to approve the transaction.”

Or in other words – the FBI, the Intel community, they all knew. There is even a paper trail of donations from Russia to the Clinton Foundation, which proves this was a huge pay to play scandal.
This involves national security, and since Obama is no longer in charge, we can only hope that Hillary will finally face justice.

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