Bakery Worker Calls Cop A ‘Pig,’ Quickly Regrets It When She Sees Who Heard

When a bakery employee saw a police officer pull up outside, she felt it necessary to announce to the customers that a “pig” had arrived. The disrespectful employee didn’t realize who overheard what she said. When she saw who heard it, she found herself being immediately put in her place – and then some.

Insomnia Cookies in Fargo, North Dakota, is popular for their delicious treats. However, patrons were given quite a show one evening when an officer parked outside and one of the female workers announced, “Oooh the little pigs just pulled up.” Unfortunately for her, she never considered that the officer was meeting his girlfriend for a quick bite to eat.

The unnamed officer’s girlfriend, Elizabeth Nelson, had been waiting at the bakery for the officer to get a free moment during his shift and meet her for a snack. Although she was excited the moment her boyfriend arrived, she was rightfully furious when she overheard what the disgusting worker dared to say.

After hearing the worker call her other half a “pig,” without hesitation, Elizabeth turned to the worker and immediately put her in her place. “Um excuse me? That’s who I’m waiting for,” she stated, according to Blue Lives Matter. “The officer you just called a pig, that’s my boyfriend, he’s supposed to meet me here.”

According to Elizabeth, the employee was visibly embarrassed and attempted to apologize for her statement. However, Elizabeth wasn’t going to let her get off easy. In fact, she fired back, “No, sorry, not ok. We won’t be having any cookies, and I won’t be letting this go,” before she furiously exited the bakery to meet her boyfriend before he could enter the building.

Elizabeth and her boyfriend (Image Source: Facebook)

Of course, Elizabeth explains that her boyfriend isn’t bothered by the name, solely because it’s common with the job. However, Elizabeth refused to let it go and vowed to call management the next day to give this girl the punishment she deserves.

After Elizabeth spoke her mind on Insomnia Cookies’ Facebook page, Chief Marketing Officer Megan Bruton apologized to Elizabeth and made the following statement: “We as a company do not condone this type of speech or behavior from our team members, nor does it reflect Insomnia Cookies’ thoughts or sentiments. We have great respect for our men and women of law enforcement and the job they do to protect us.”

Although Bruton refused to mention an action taken against the employee, she did announce that they planned to provide additional training and support to their employees as a result of the incident.

Mad World News has covered several stories about law enforcement personnel that have left us and our readers disgusted by what some people will say about the very men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us all. However, there’s no doubt that the humiliation the female worker felt when Elizabeth put her in her place will deter her from making the same mistake twice.

Police officers are the heroes and the backbone of our society. Without them, we would be living in chaos. Although there have been recent issues regarding the respect that law enforcement deserves, there are many of us who would never question their sacrifices. Thankfully, things might be turning around during President Donald Trump’s reign, and there will be no disrespecting the men and women who choose to sacrifice their lives for the good of the country.

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