The state of the National Football League is a brutal reminder to many Americans what has become of national pride. What was once a standard dosage of appreciation for this country and it’s freedoms has become considered racist patriotism and anti-minority sentiments. Where we used to be able to at least be able to show our patriotism without fear of recompense, we’re now harassed by those who consider the country itself racist and unfair.

We’ve seen that in a huge way with the football players who took a stand by way of taking a knee. The players who consider themselves or those they identify with, to be repressed have upped their game a couple of notches in recent weeks. They went from kneeling to black power salute to even intentionally causing harm, even to players on their own team.

Prissy Holly of Freedom Daily reported on the horrifying incident that took place within the ranks of the Raiders. These players are turning on each other and showing the world that their loyalty to their race comes before any other promises made:
things took a startling turn for the worst at the beginning of the month, after white Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had his back broken during a tackle, where some sports commentators are speculating that Carr’s all-black offensive line refused to block for him as a savage punishment for Carr for choosing to stand for the national anthem while they all sat before the game.”Image result for After Racist Raiders Players Break White QB Back, Look What They’re Doing To Fans In Parking For Standing...

Carr doing something that was once par for the course before every football game, as recently as last year now causing him to be targeted is appalling. Even if they have a disagreement with their quarterback, this is a far cry from the “peaceful protest” that the players are always claiming to participate in.
“As Carr’s season-ending injury looks to be the result of a disgusting act of racism on the football field, we’d hope to see some sort of disciplinary action on the part of the NFL. But with the NFL now appearing to support these types of racist-inspired injuries, fans have finally had enough.

Now the NFL just got a brutal taste of reality over the weekend as to what happens when they continue to ignore their fans in order to pander to their racist and America-hating athletes.”
This is, of course, a difficult allegation to nail down. Not only is the league not interested in getting their hands dirty in a racially charged situation like this, but who can really say whether a player saw someone coming or if they just got distracted.
The fans, however, think they know what’s going on, and they’re not happy. New York Postreported on an altercation between the Raiders left tackle and some really unhappy fans.

The Pro Bowl left tackle of the Raiders entered into a shouting match with taunting fans in the Oakland parking lot after his team lost a 30-17 game to the Ravens on Sunday, dropping the Raiders to 2-3 as frustration builds, but the giant never threw down.
Penn, in his 11th year, exited his car as a group of fans heckled, the apparent leader wearing a Raiders shirt.
Penn, all 6-foot-5 and 305 pounds of him, approached the fan and started screaming, the only discernible words not flattering.Image result for After Racist Raiders Players Break White QB Back, Look What They’re Doing To Fans In Parking For Standing...

It’s a tough day for NFL players when they’re being heckled by their own fans. It’s not unusual for the fans of another team to bother a player that they think was unfair, but for the home team to be getting flack from someone wearing team merch, something has seriously upset the apple cart.
‘What you gonna do, b—h ass n—-a,’ Penn screamed, with nothing between the fans and the offensive tackle but a small metal barricade and a few security guards.
Penn never lost control and returned to his car.

‘He threw a bottle at my car but I should of stayed in the car he was tryna get me to react so he could sue me glad I took a sec 2 think,’ Penn tweeted Sunday night.
Penn, who has been in Oakland since 2014 after seven seasons with Tampa, signed a two-year, $21 million deal last month.”

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